we can therefore provide Australian businesses with outstanding solar solutions to address their energy overheads.

 Services provided by our commercial team includes:

  • Grid Applications.
  • System Design.
  • Approvals.
  • Stakeholder Management.
  • Network Feasibility Studies.
  • Financial Forecasting.
  • Rooftop & Ground Mount Systems.
  • Grid-Connect and Hybrid systems.

 True Experience. Your business is in the safe hands of one of the Australia’s largest and innovative solar company.

Our experience and buying power is unrivalled. We source the highest quality products, so each of our panels comes with an industry-leading performance warranty.

Power your business with solar. Australia is one of the richest sources of solar radiation in the world.

Australian homeowners are rising in their uptake to embrace the power of solar and there is still room for businesses to harness solar energy.

Reduced overheads. Lowered Operating Costs.

Installing solar panels to your business will reduce your electricity bill. The amount will vary depending on exposure to sunlight and individual energy usage. A majority of businesses will use their energy during the daylight hours where solar power is most prevalent, realising significant savings on electricity needs.

Environmentally Friendly. Reduced Carbon Footprint.

Solar panels produce electricity without the burning of fossil fuels, making them a carbon neutral energy source. Solar Panels will generate far more in carbon savings than it takes to produce the panel itself, making the installation of solar panels an extremely environmentally friendly activity for any business.

Great for your reputation. Green brand awareness, being carbon conscious.

By having visible solar panels on your business, you are demonstrating your commitment to a greener future, which in turn is great for your corporate image.

Protect yourself against risk. Risk Mitigation.

Solar power is a great risk mitigation strategy. As power prices continue to rise; minimising your dependence on the grid will help protect your business against fluctuating overheads. Industrial solar power systems help make ongoing overhead costs more manageable and predictable.