Getting profit back into your business

Making a profit in a small business can be hard – ask any small business owner.

One of the big overheads in many small businesses are the ever rising costs of power, especially electricity. In fact, the power bills alone are often as big as the small business profit margins.

We understands small business and can get the profit up with the reduction in your electricity bills.

In fact moving to solar power has the following benefits:

  • Solar power works during the operating hours of many small businesses,
    thereby providing a lot of free energy power.
  • Solar power works when businesses typically pay the most for electricity
    <em>peak solar power generation usually occurs in peak and shoulder electricity periods.</em>
  • Possible depreciation and company tax benefits for your business, especially through the current $20k government tax write-off.
  • Solar power sends a message to your customers that you use electricity that is clean, renewable and sustainable.
  • A chance to improve the value and rental attractiveness of your building.
  • Helps your buildings Green Star rating and/or NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) rating.
  • Silent operation.
  • Solar power is the only power source that has no moving parts.
    This means there is very little ongoing maintenance

Currently the government rebate is just about at its highest level.