A solar system is a long term investment, and to keep it performing efficiently and safely for years to come, Sunlife Energy recommends that you service your system every two years.

Sunlife energy installers are CEC accredited.  Our service program has been developed to incorporate the stringent requirements of solar installation

We pride ourselves on providing thorough workmanship and ensuring that your solar system will continue to perform at a high level for years to come.

Just like you service your car, a solar system should have a regular check-up to ensure it is working efficiently and safely. Servicing your system regularly can help to identify potential issues, allowing you to get the most out of your solar investment.

Although your system is designed to be robust and reliable, your panels are exposed to seasonal changes and the inverter is working constantly to convert electrical currents, meaning that over time your system may not be producing as much energy as it should be.

Sunlife energy will undertake a thorough service of your system which includes

  • Inverter assessment including energy output monitoring
  • Shading assessment
  • Inspection of wiring and wiring enclosures for potential damage caused by UV rays, heat, vermin or other causes
  • Anti-islanding testing
  • Inspection and maintenance of all safety warning labels
  • Testing of all associated switches and circuit breakers to ensure they are operating and secure

In addition to a system service, Sunlife energy offers a solar panel cleaning service. Panels should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to work at a high output and our technicians can ensure that your panels have been cleaned correctly.

Panel cleaning should be undertaken by a CEC accredited technician to safeguard against cracking, cable or connection interference, panel face damage and water damage.

Sunlife energy aims to provide all households with the peace of mind that their system is working to peak efficiency and continuing to save money.

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