Monitor the health of your system and track energy consumption

The carbonTRACK system empowers you to take control of their electricity and start optimizing the energy you generate. This is achieved with the use of carbonTRACK’s ability to let you know key aspects of your solar power system.

Figure 1

The diagram in figure I represents the Solar Bell Curve. As you can see most energy/power demand occurs at the start of the day when people are having breakfast, getting ready for work and at the end of the day when dinner is made, lights and heaters are turned on. In contrast, the majority of solar power generation happens around the middle of the day, as seen in the bell curve below. Using carbonTRACK will help you identify your energy usage patterns throughout the day, giving you the insights you need to reduce energy waste, change your behavior or set your devices to run at more opportune times – such as when the sun is shining.

Figure 2

For example the chart in figure 2 shows you your solar generation (line in yellow), while the blue line represents your home’s electricity consumption. You will notice that the solar generation is at it’s peak at 12pm, here your dishwasher could be programmed, start your washing during this time and do vacuuming. Also at 2.30pm, you may want to turn on the heater to cooler to change the temperature of you home to ensure it is perfect for the nigh time.

Figure 3

Figure 3 shows another example of the online portal is a more detailed view of electricity flows for the same day as in the image above – you can see when solar is being self-consumed (purple line) vs when it is being exported to the grid (green line). (Screenshot from the carbonTRACK portal)