Business Case for investing in Solar

The business case for installing a solar system on your commercial premises
is now very compelling.

For many small business owners the cost of their power supply is approximately equal to their profit margin. With the installation of solar power supply their energy charges can be reduced by up to 50% thereby providing great profit to the business.

The price of solar power has declined dramatically over the past 2 years and this, coupled with recent
electricity price rises has meant that the business case for solar is now extremely attractive.

In assessing the business case for solar you need to consider the following:

  • The capital cost of the system (this may be $0 if a leasing option is selected)
  • The “yield” generated by the system (this comes in the form of reduced electricity consumption).

Sunlife Energy Commercial treat investing in solar power as exactly that – a financial investment. We’ll happily provide you with a customised commercial solar proposal, which considers:

Your current electricity consumption patterns / Available roof space (including pitch and orientation). / Current and future electricity tariffs

The proposal will then provide details such as:

  • Capital Cost
  • Expected Yields
  • Investment Returns
  • Purchasing options on Leasing and Rental

Solar Power makes a strong case for improving your business profits.